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Ground3d helps move 3D printing beyond ‘Star Trek replicator hype’

Consulting firm Ground3d was one of the platforms spreading the 3D printing gospel early in the Netherlands. ‘In the consumer space it is more of a hype than it is in enterprise,’ co-founder Anush Martirossian says.

iFabrica reintroduces the workshop to the Netherlands

iFabrica is one of the first makerspaces in Amsterdam. ‘The whole idea behind the maker scene is that you take control,’ says founder Maarten Twigt. ‘You need to do it yourself.’

Maker Matters panel series starts this week

Last month the multimedia exhibit Making It In NYC opened at BLDG 92 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A series of panel discussions, also curated by Daniella Romano, kicks off Thursday with ‘From Personal Production to Outside Manufacturing‘.