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‘There is some kind of merger of 3D printing and general purpose robots’

Erik Tempelman co-hosted a symposium on Circular Product Design last month at TU Delft. ‘Your product is gonna come back to you,’ he says. ‘Design for refurbishment, design for upgrading and design for recycling will become much more important.’

‘70% of our ability to make money was in design’

Sandy Munro illustrated the origins of DFM at Ford in the 1980s last month in his keynote at Design for Manufacturing Summit #7 in Brooklyn – video provided by Worldcast Live.

Stadslab Rotterdam spawning many hardware startups

Hogeschool Rotterdam tech teacher Arnold Roosch runs Stadslab Rotterdam, a Fab Lab that offers Rotterdammers the opportunity to ‘make things that they wouldn’t have been able to pull off in their garage’.