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‘Communication smoothes bottlenecks in cross-over from creative to technical’

‘From the designer’s perspective, you do not need to be a mechanical engineer,’ industrial design engineer Shaun van Oorde-Grainger says, ‘but if you can speak their language you can tailor your design efforts.’

RDM Makerspace in Rotterdam will host DFM Summit #8

‘They used to build ships here,’ says Vincent Wegener, co-founder of RDM Makerspace. ‘Now in the 21st century RDM Campus is all about new manufacturing technologies, 3D printing, digital fabrication.’

‘The best way to fix problems is by changing the design’

DFM and Lean Design pioneer Sandy Munro talks about working with W. Edwards Deming at Ford in the 1980s in part 1 of our interview. Sandy Munro will keynote Design for Manufacturing Summit #7, October 9 in Brooklyn.