Andrew Armstrong, CTO + co-founder Cadonix

Andrew Armstrong is the CTO and co-founder of Cadonix, the world's first fully browser based cloud CAD solution.

Used in the design and manufacture the electrical systems of some of the most performant and cutting-edge vehicles in the world. Around the globe Arcadia is setting the bar in meeting the expectations of modern automotive companies in an interconnected supply chain.

Andrew has a broad range of expertise ranging from scientific research, embedded systems and electronic design, software engineering, cloud infrastructure to start-up companies, IP and business development.

This broad skillset allowed Andrew to develop the framework on which the Arcadia CAD suite is based and its development toolchain at a time when real-time graphical browser tools were considered an impossibility.

Keen to expand and add value to Cadonix cloud customers Andrew is primarily focused on building interoperating cloud infrastructure and Arcadia integration APIs to allow all parts of the supply chain to have a seamless experience and work entirely within the Arcadia suite.