Ralph Taylor-Smith

Ralph Taylor-Smith is the Managing Director at GE Ventures, the venture capital investment unit of General Electric.

Ralph has a background in engineering, technology development, finance and business management.

Educated at Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ralph holds a PhD in Engineering and an MBA in Finance.

Before GE, Ralph had been a venture capitalist for ten years at Battelle Ventures where he was General Partner.

Prior to venture capital, Ralph gained significant experience in investment banking, technology R&D and business development.

Previously, Ralph worked for several years as an Investment Banker on Wall Street at GoldmanSachs and at JPMorgan focusing on Mergers/Acquisitions for the TMT (technology, media and telecom/data-com) industry.

Prior to that, Ralph worked as a Senior Research Scientist, Engineer, and Business Development Manager within the photonics and semiconductor microelectronics industry at Bell Labs, AT&T and Alcatel-Lucent (now merged into Nokia).