Sadiq Quasim, CEO Loyakk

Sadiq Quasim is the CEO of Loyakk, a company that provides a blockchain-enabled platform for decentralized business networks.

Loyakk offers a patent-pending business platform that enables secure, permissioned sharing of data and value movement through smart contracts with business rules and security policies – leading to greatly improved security, efficiency and distributed governance.

Sadiq has been instrumental in defining the Loyakk's Blockchain-anchored Value Web framework and the resulting solution portfolio.

Sadiq has been a critical part of the team defining the Blockchain-enabled Vega Business Relationship platform.

Prior to Loyakk, Sadiq's innovative efforts to bridge technology to business requirements have been applied in initiatives across major central government organizations like the Cabinet Office and The DWP, as well as blue chip companies HP, EDS, CSC and Bupa.

Sadiq's vision for Loyakk is to empower enterprises to reinvent the way they drive business and value across their fast-growing ecosystem of customers, channel, partners, distributors and suppliers.