'It gets more realistic to self-produce almost anything'

At DFM Summit #10 Stijn van den Ende (Openbare Werkplaats), Maarten Twigt (iFabrica) and Dajo Bodisco Massink (Krux) discussed the role of makerspaces in building a next-generation manufacturing industry in Amsterdam.

'Europe still has the best collection of makers in the world'

CrowdyHouse is an Amsterdam-based pretail platform and marketplace for professional designers. 'Crowdfunding 2.0,' Mark Studholme says. 'It allows them to produce in series rather than one-offs.'

FormideOS makes it 'easy to get from an idea to print'

Dutch 3D printer software startup Printr aims for world domination. 'We want to be the biggest software distributor for 3D printers,' says founder Douwe Bart Mulder, 'whether implemented on the printer or in an app.'

3D print shops 'could print custom parts when you need them'

CRE8 is a social workshop in Amsterdam for digital production techniques. '3D printing is not for mass production,' founder Jurre Groenenboom says, 'but it can be used for mass customization.'

'Producing companies in the Netherlands are very accessible for independent designers'

Furniture designer Bo Reudler explains how the Academy of Art in Arnhem, where he graduated, differs from the higher profile design school in Eindhoven.

Focus on market in concept phase noble task for product designer

Product developer Caspar van Roosmalen aims to connect marketing with manufacturing. Tailoring a product to a specific market and identifying cost drivers is 'a skill that can't be left to sales and marketing'.

'Communication in cross-over from creative to technical smoothes bottlenecks'

'From the designer's perspective, you do not need to be a mechanical engineer,' industrial design engineer Shaun van Oorde-Grainger (Pilotfish) says, 'but if you can speak their language you can tailor your design efforts.'

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