'Quality is not just at the end product'

Vidya Neti at DFM Summit #12 gave a detailed overview of what 'the post-internet factory floor' looks like at Mini-Circuits, where she is a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer.

'Almost everyone on the design team spends the most time in China'

'Chinese factories give you engineering,' Michael Circosta said at DFM Summit #12. At Crye Precision, equipment designer for the US military, Circosta can only work with American manufacturers. JD Albert (Bresslergroup), Jonathan Cedar (BioLite), Dean DiPietro (Tomorrow Lab) and moderator Andrew Erlick (Indiegogo) joined the discussion.

MakeTime turns under-utilized machine shops capacity into 'virtual factory for all'

'Design is the leader, machines are industry agnostic and Cash Rules Everything Around Me,' MakeTime founder Drura Parrish said last month in his keynote at Design for Manufacturing Summit #12 in Brooklyn.

'Manufacturing networks' will connect designers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, services

Oleg Shilovitsky (Beyond PLM) and Carsten Hochmuth (aPriori) discussed "cloud manufacturing" at the closing panel of DFM Summit #12. 'Cloud manufacturing really does bring the designer closer to the factory,' Jonathan Schwartz (Body Labs) said.

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