'In the 1980s most things were garbage'

Manufacturing legend Sandy Munro talks about additive manufacturing. 'That is the next generation of manufacturing,' he says in part 3 of our interview last year.

'The speed of information flows is key to speeding up the product development process'

At DFM Summit #15 last month in Toronto Ray Minato (Inertia) and Dylan Horvath (Cortex) discussed their experiences with cloud CAD and PLM systems.

Rocket Awards 'great place to reconnect with other designers'

ACIDO's president Jonathan Loudon was a keynote speaker at the first Design for Manufacturing Summit in Toronto on May 5. A week later he hosted ACIDO's annual Rocket Industrial Design Grads awards ceremony.

'We benchmark everything. We've analyzed Barbie'

'You would not believe how many people want to know how to make a much lower cost rice cooker with easier manufacturing and more features,' Sandy Munro said in his keynote at the inaugural DFM Summit in Toronto.

Lean design takes cost and waste out of manufacturing

'General rule of thumb is, if the product is 15 years old, you're gonna see a 15 percent reduction in cost,' says Sandy Munro, the DFM pioneer who will keynote the first Design for Manufacturing Summit in Toronto next Thursday.

'The idea was to make money, not fill up the factory with automation'

In part 2 of our interview DFM pioneer Sandy Munro talks about the evolution from Design for Automation (DFA) to Lean Design. 'When we moved into computerization of all this stuff, all of a sudden we could take on an aeroplane.'

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