Jordan Brandt on 'the power of local manufacturing'

Autodesk's Technology Futurist Jordan Brandt with his keynote at Design for Manufacturing Summit #4 sparked a discussion about the opportunities in local manufacturing to bring the end user into product design.

'Stop emailing CAD screenshots'

At DFM Summit #4 Tao-Yang Han (IronCAD), Rob Stevens (GrabCAD) and Alban Denoyel (Sketchfab) discussed how the next generation of 3D modeling software can enable collaboration. Matt Rohr moderated.

Digital tools let industrial designers copy nature

'You can look to 3.8 billion years of evolution and say, there might be a vascular system out there that does this a little smarter than we have been doing it,' Erika Hanson said at last week's Design for Manufacturing Summit.

Biomimicry is 'conscious emulation of nature's principles'

New York Biomimicry Innovators Group connects academics and companies to 'make some innovation synergies happen'. Namita Kallianpurkar of NY/BIG and Terrapin Bright Green explains.

Hybrid's collaborative approach to product development

Russell Robertson is a principal of product design and engineering studio Hybrid. 'Hybridization is taking the best of different things and making something new,' he says.

TechShop coming to Brooklyn?

Monday TechShop launched a campaign to push development of new locations. 'The maker movement will definitely impact advanced manufacturing,' founder Jim Newton said Saturday at the Maker Faire in Queens.

Manufacture New York launches pilot for Fashion Week

Bob Bland is on a mission to help fashion designers manufacture in New York City. The Brooklyn flagship location of her incubator facility is under construction. 'It does take a few minutes to build,' she says. Saturday she hosted the launch party for a Garment District pilot program.