Digital tools let industrial designers copy nature

'You can look to 3.8 billion years of evolution and say, there might be a vascular system out there that does this a little smarter than we have been doing it,' Erika Hanson said at last week's Design for Manufacturing Summit.

Manufacturing domestically 'much less of a hassle'

Maker's Row connects designers with American manufacturers. The company grew out of co-founder Matt Burnett's experiences at his own watch brand Steel Cake.

Manufacturing innovation hub rising in Brooklyn

New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yards will help makers transition from tinkering to manufacturing at scale. Alex Escamilla of developer Macro Sea and Beta Space tenant Jessica Banks of RockPaperRobot explain.

NYC wants to 'bring back the real world of manufacturing'

NYCEDC yesterday at the 3DEA store launched their Next Top Makers competition. 'The challenge is how do we bring on the next generation of manufacturers,' says Miquela Craytor, NYCEDC's director of industrial initiatives.