Maker scene is 'playing a different game'

Elise Luttik, Raimo van der Klein, Jochem Galama and Amber Ambrose Aurele discussed the evolution of the maker scene at DFM Summit #6. 'The next industrial revolution will be on a smaller scale,' PLM consultant Douglas Noordhoorn commented from the audience. 'That is where you are heading; a more entrepreneurial way of working and thinking in the manufacturing industry.'

Design Thinking is 'glue between disciplines'

Arne van Oosterom is the founder of the Design Thinkers Group, a network of innovation facilitators in twelve countries. 'Often innovation is the process,' he says.

Wouter Konings leerde het ontwerpvak bij Dyson, massaproductie bij Philips

De design engineer van ontwerpbureau Konings & Kappelhoff vertelt hoe hun prijswinnende babyfoon voor Angelcare tot stand kwam. 'De combinatie van ontwerpers en engineers maakt dat wij het hele ontwikkelproces van a tot z kunnen doorlopen.'

iFabrica reintroduces the workshop to the Netherlands

iFabrica is one of the first makerspaces in Amsterdam. 'The whole idea behind the maker scene is that you take control,' says founder Maarten Twigt. 'You need to do it yourself.'