'In the 1980s most things were garbage'

Manufacturing legend Sandy Munro talks about additive manufacturing. 'That is the next generation of manufacturing,' he says in part 3 of our interview last year.

'The idea was to make money, not fill up the factory with automation'

In part 2 of our interview DFM pioneer Sandy Munro talks about the evolution from Design for Automation (DFA) to Lean Design. 'When we moved into computerization of all this stuff, all of a sudden we could take on an aeroplane.'

Cloud CAD disruptor Onshape provides early access

With the web bringing global manufacturing in reach of makers, "collaboration" gets real. 'We need to start thinking about actually doing the work together instead of talking about it,' said Onshape's Philip Thomas at DFM Summit #7.

Ground3d helps move 3D printing beyond 'Star Trek replicator hype'

Consulting firm Ground3d was one of the platforms spreading the 3D printing gospel early in the Netherlands. 'In the consumer space it is more of a hype than it is in enterprise,' co-founder Anush Martirossian says.

'The best way to fix problems is by changing the design'

DFM pioneer Sandy Munro talks about working with W. Edwards Deming at Ford in the 1980s in part 1 of our interview.

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