Hardware startups underestimate manufacturing costs

At DFM Summit #9 Nicolas Vansnick (BotFactory), Spencer Wright (The Public Radio) and Scott N. Miller (Dragon Innovation) discussed the pros and cons of using crowdfunding to launch hardware startups. 'A lot of people have these great ideas for new products, but they don't understand manufacturing.'

'Machines are becoming more and more social'

Autodesk's Diego Tamburini talked about the forces that are transforming manufacturing and design at DFM Summit #9. 'Hardware startups now have access to a virtual, global supply chain.'

'As volumes start increasing things get a little more complicated'

Formlabs Lead Engineer Ian Ferguson explained why traditional PLM did not work for the 3D printer startup at DFM Summit #9 earlier this month in Brooklyn.

The Public Radio is 'not a wearable'

Spencer Wright came to the hardware startup scene from a background in project management, design and procurement. 'The most interesting companies in the scene are the ones who are taking some core idea that has existed in manufacturing or logistics or supply chain management for decades and modernize it,' he says, mentioning Octopart as a company that has been 'super helpful' in creating The Public Radio.

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