Dystil Racing intended to make 3D printed race parts for motorcycles

Industrial designer Miles Keller was 'redesigning a part one day, printing it overnight and having it on a motorcycle the next day'.

'We involve potential manufacturers in optimizing the design'

Orlach Design works for startups as well as bigger clients like LG and Panasonic. 'Clients will price down every component,' says Dejan Orlac. 'Within that space you need to find a design, an identity and a process where you can choose something special.'

Siloed design tools CAD CAM CAE set to integrate

'You will start seeing design tools become much more holistic in terms of being able to take in massive amounts of data around the simulation and manufacturing processes,' nTopology co-founder Brad Rothenberg said at the last DFM Summit in New York.

'Next thing coming along is multimaterial 3D printing'

In his keynote at DFM Summit #20 last Spring in New York, Autodesk strategist Duann Scott talked about Dreamcatcher and Monolith. 'We are building this interconnected network of software which can talk to as many machines as possible.'

3D printing 'beginning of revolution to relocalize manufacturing'

Earlier this month 3D Systems had their investors day on Wall Street. The 3D printing giant is targeting consumers with a string of acquisitions. CEO Abe Reichental and product manager Buddy Byrum explain.

Shapeways aims to 'democratize production'

Incubated at Dutch electronics company Philips, 3D printing web platform Shapeways is now building out its New York office. 'Even guys making their own custom rocket engines are using Shapeways,' founder Peter Weijmarshausen says.

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