Shadow Robot builds hands for robots

'If you employ somebody and they put on a pair of gloves to do their job,' says Shadow Robot's managing director Rich Walker, 'then we think it is worth looking at whether a robot can do some of that job instead.'

HAL Robotics launched to develop 'ubiquitous machine control'

'I made a program to make my house with my robots,' says Thibault Schwartz, developer of the HAL Grasshopper plugin for industrial robots programming. 'That is how everything started.'

'Machines are becoming more and more social'

Autodesk's Diego Tamburini talked about the forces that are transforming manufacturing and design at DFM Summit #9. 'Hardware startups now have access to a virtual, global supply chain.'

'The idea was to make money, not fill up the factory with automation'

In part 2 of our interview DFM pioneer Sandy Munro talks about the evolution from Design for Automation (DFA) to Lean Design. 'When we moved into computerization of all this stuff, all of a sudden we could take on an aeroplane.'

'2000 manufacturing companies within Brooklyn'

Professor Michael Greenstein of the NYU Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn talks about 'design for manufacturability' and the role of CAD (computer-aided design) systems in DFM and DFX. Does manufacturing offer opportunities to the digital generation?

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