'Everything in design and manufacturing is a graph'

'We have had CAD/CAM software, ERP, all of these software systems around for the last thirty years,' developer Paul Reeves said at the London DFM Summit in December, 'and they haven't had as much of an impact on productivity as they could.'

Supplyframe bridging gap between product design, engineering and sourcing

'You want to design with the right parts,' says Supplyframe's head of growth Alex Peron. 'It is not only picking form, fit and fuction that does the job for your prototype. It is also making sure that you are actually going to be able to source these parts.'

GE Ventures interested in 'incorporating blockchain into distributed manufacturing flow'

At last week's DFM Summit in London GE Ventures' Ralph Taylor-Smith discussed recent investments in Xometry, Clearpath and Upskill and provided insight what GE Ventures is looking for in the UK.

Manufacturing Source developing CAD plugins for sourcing

Sam Al-Mukhtar's experience sourcing bespoke parts as a product designer was the seed to develop Manufacturing Source. 'It is a really inefficient way that people go about doing business at the moment.'

'The supply chain engineer can be a bit of a unicorn'

Walter Garrison, Ryan Wicklum and Jason MacFarlane discussed the manufacturing supply chains and ecosystems in Ontario at Design for Manufacturing Summit #18 in Toronto.

How makerspaces might evolve into 'open factories or centers of education'

The Future Makespaces project of the Royal College of Art, funded by EPSRC, earlier this month on a weekend at the Victoria and Albert Museum explored the digital aspect of 'redistributed manufacturing'.

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