'You're done when there aren't any more problems'

'We had to push our manufacturing partners,' Jeff Wollenzien of Shape Products said in the electronics panel at the DFM Summit in Toronto last month. 'We have this idea. Is this viable? Can we make this work for production?'

'We seem to cluster less in Toronto than Brooklyn or San Francisco'

At the inaugural Design for Manufacturing Summit in Toronto Zak Homuth (Upverter) and Michelle Chretien (Xerox Research) discussed the state of electronics startups in Toronto.

'Why do we have to have flat circuit boards?'

DFM pioneer Sandy Munro last May in Toronto gave examples of new technologies that should prompt new thinking in design and manufacturing. 'How you wanna get the job done is probably wrong, because you are using traditional methods.'

'Quality is not just at the end product'

Vidya Neti at DFM Summit #12 gave a detailed overview of what 'the post-internet factory floor' looks like at Mini-Circuits, where she is a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer.

The Public Radio is 'not a wearable'

Spencer Wright came to the hardware startup scene from a background in project management, design and procurement. 'The most interesting companies in the scene are the ones who are taking some core idea that has existed in manufacturing or logistics or supply chain management for decades and modernize it,' he says, mentioning Octopart as a company that has been 'super helpful' in creating The Public Radio.

Makerspaces can 'change the way manufacturing is done'

Alpha One Labs founder Sean Auriti talks about pigeon helmets and the future of makerspaces after the demise of 3rd Ward. 'You need to have a good business model,' he says. 'Having a makerspace as a non-profit is a little more difficult than having it as a for-profit.'

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