'Everything in design and manufacturing is a graph'

'We have had CAD/CAM software, ERP, all of these software systems around for the last thirty years,' developer Paul Reeves said at the London DFM Summit in December, 'and they haven't had as much of an impact on productivity as they could.'

'We have lost 25 percent of our capacity in manufacturing'

Manufacturing veteran Nigel Southway wants to bring manufacturing back to Ontario. 'Manufacturing's been good to me,' he says. 'I am really concerned about what the next generation's opportunities in manufacturing will look like.'

'We benchmark everything. We've analyzed Barbie'

'You would not believe how many people want to know how to make a much lower cost rice cooker with easier manufacturing and more features,' Sandy Munro said in his keynote at the inaugural DFM Summit in Toronto.

Lean design takes cost and waste out of manufacturing

'General rule of thumb is, if the product is 15 years old, you're gonna see a 15 percent reduction in cost,' says Sandy Munro, the DFM pioneer who will keynote the first Design for Manufacturing Summit in Toronto next Thursday.

'Agile is changing the world of manufacturing'

Agile consultant Ade Shokoya at DFM Summit #11 sketched how lean and agile development methodologies from the software world are now circling back into manufacturing and construction.

'70% of our ability to make money was in design'

Sandy Munro illustrated the origins of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) at Ford in the 1980s last month in his keynote at DFM Summit #7 in Brooklyn.

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