'You're done when there aren't any more problems'

'We had to push our manufacturing partners,' Jeff Wollenzien of Shape Products said in the electronics panel at the DFM Summit in Toronto last month. 'We have this idea. Is this viable? Can we make this work for production?'

Matmatch wants 'to be a source of materials inspiration'

Sourcing materials is 'ripe for disruption', Matmatch CEO Melissa Albeck said in her keynote at DFM Summit #24 last month in London.

'Simulation gives you a good idea how your product would stand up in its environment'

Jimmy Scott was at Cray Research and Silicon Graphics when they developed the first supercomputers and software for 3D modeling. With Dr. Javad Mostaghimi of the University of Toronto he is now building up Simulent, an engineering consultancy in computational fluid dynamics.

'We benchmark everything. We've analyzed Barbie'

'You would not believe how many people want to know how to make a much lower cost rice cooker with easier manufacturing and more features,' Sandy Munro said in his keynote at the inaugural DFM Summit in Toronto.

Digital tools let industrial designers copy nature

'You can look to 3.8 billion years of evolution and say, there might be a vascular system out there that does this a little smarter than we have been doing it,' Erika Hanson said at last week's Design for Manufacturing Summit.

Pensa developed 3D wire printer

Besides work for big clients, Dumbo-based product design firm Pensa also develops projects like DIWire and Street Charge. 'It is always good to be constantly experimenting,' founder Marco Perry says.

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