'You're done when there aren't any more problems'

'We had to push our manufacturing partners,' Jeff Wollenzien of Shape Products said in the electronics panel at the DFM Summit in Toronto last month. 'We have this idea. Is this viable? Can we make this work for production?'

Dystil Racing intended to make 3D printed race parts for motorcycles

Industrial designer Miles Keller was 'redesigning a part one day, printing it overnight and having it on a motorcycle the next day'.

'We involve potential manufacturers in optimizing the design'

Orlach Design works for startups as well as bigger clients like LG and Panasonic. 'Clients will price down every component,' says Dejan Orlac. 'Within that space you need to find a design, an identity and a process where you can choose something special.'

'First thing you need to do is start talking to manufacturers'

Product developers Thomas Keen, Stacey Mendez, Tristram Keech and Steve May-Russell discussed collaboration with manufacturers early in the design phase on the opening panel at DFM Summit #22 in London.

'We fix designers' problems'

Chris Pett (Makersco) talked about connecting designers to manufacturing last month at a small DFM Summit in London. 'More commonly someone will come in with an unfortunately extremely highly realized design that is not practically manufacturable.'

'There has never been an easier time to be a hardware startup'

Cortex Design generally works on projects for Fortune 500 clients or medium-sized businesses like Cloud DX and Voltera. 'Most of the support around startups is focused on software startups,' founder Dylan Horvath says. 'How things actually get manufactured isn't pushed as much as an educational component in high schools and universities.'

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