Duro drags hardware product development into the age of agile

'Along comes Duro and the $4 million the company just raised, in an attempt to bring some agile methodology sanity to a final-bill-of-materials.top-assembly.final.final.final.final.no-really-final-this-time.xls world.'

Watch our online session with Duro founder and CEO Michael Corr.

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Upchain's PLM model 'promotes innovation rather than remove it'

PLM has to catch up with the way things are now designed and manufactured, with many external ODM's and sub-systems involved. 'The nature of that system is dramatically changing,' Upchain's VP Digital Transformation James White argued in his keynote at the 2019 Design for Manufacturing Summit in Toronto. 'It's getting extremely complex to manage. It requires a lot of collaboration between all the stakeholders.'

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