'The speed of information flows is key to speeding up the product development process'

At DFM Summit #15 last month in Toronto Ray Minato (Inertia) and Dylan Horvath (Cortex) discussed their experiences with cloud CAD and PLM systems.

'Agile is changing the world of manufacturing'

Agile consultant Ade Shokoya at DFM Summit #11 sketched how lean and agile development methodologies from the software world are now circling back into manufacturing and construction.

HAL Robotics launched to develop 'ubiquitous machine control'

'I made a program to make my house with my robots,' says Thibault Schwartz, developer of the HAL Grasshopper plugin for industrial robots programming. 'That is how everything started.'

Gravity bridging 2D sketch to 3D environment

Gravity Sketch is a 3D sketching tool developed for augmented reality, targeting upcoming platforms like Microsoft HoloLens. 'The user experience is similar to pen and paper,' says co-founder Oluwaseyi Sosanya.

Cloud CAD disruptor Onshape provides early access

With the web bringing global manufacturing in reach of makers, "collaboration" gets real. 'We need to start thinking about actually doing the work together instead of talking about it,' said Onshape's Philip Thomas at DFM Summit #7.

'You need print-outs to get a feeling what the product will be like'

Jeremy Luchini (Lagoa), Anthony Moschella (MakerBot) and Brad Augustine (Humanscale) discussed what digital tools can do for collaboration in product development at DFM Summit #5.

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