DAM London aims to 'revolutionize how manufacturing is done'

Nate Petre won a grant from NASA to 3D print surf boards from seaweed and went on to found circular economy tech startup Distributed Additive Manufacturing (DAM) in London. 'The question used to be, is 3D printing ever going to catch up to traditional manufacturing? More and more the question is, does it have to?'

Fast Forward Rewind helps clients understand what's possible in early stages

Industrial designer Gregory Epps helps clients understand markets and customers to deliver successful product releases. 'When you know the project is possible and know the customer wants it, you can then work out how to bring those two things together.'

DFM Summit returns December 8 in London

Leading British industrial designer Sebastian Conran and innovation consultant Gregory Epps are the first confirmed speakers for DFM Summit #23, the first edition of our product design and manufacturing innovation events since 2019.

Old Street Gallery
62 Paul Street

London, EC2A 4DQ

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